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Although Dr. Amron is a specialist in complex liposuction surgery, with lipedema patients there is a need to employ a comprehensive approach to each individual patient. To ensure at that optimal results are achieved, Dr. Amron involves a team of specialists including, Dr. Karen Herbst, M.D., endocrinologist and medical authority on lipedema, Cynthia Bartholmey Kipnis, a Vodder trained Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapist, nutritional counselors, and hormonal specialists.

In most complicated cases possibly involving subsequent thigh or arm lifts, Dr. Amron works closely with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Advanced Lipedema Treatment Team

Karen Herbst, M.D., Ph.D.

Karen L. Herbst, PhD, MD is a world-renowned board certified Endocrinologist and medical authority on adipose tissue disorders (ATDs), such as lipedema. Dr. Herbst an Associate Professor in the College of Medicine (COM) at the University of Arizona (UA).

Dr. Herbst has an extensive history of treating patients from all over the world with familial partial lipodystrophy and Madelung’s disease (multiple symmetric lipomatosis; MSL), Dercum’s Disease, familial multiple lipomatosis (FML), and lipedema (lipoedema and lipolymphedema).

In 2015, Dr. Herbst received a large gift from the Lipedema Foundation (LF) to increase her up research on two of the more common ATDs, lipedema and Dercum’s disease, as part of the Treatment, Research, Education, Adipose Tissue (TREAT) program in the UA COM.

The TREAT program focuses on increasing our understanding of lipedema clinically and metabolically, imaging of the tissue and educating students and medical providers on ATDs, and over time will use additional funding to improve research, education and care of people with ATDs well into the future.

In September 2015, Dr. Herbst was recognized as Humanitarian of the Year for Medical Research of Rare Tissue Disorders at the 25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards for her compassionate care of people with ATDs.

Drs. Amron and Herbst work together to establish pre and post-surgical protocols for lipedema patients and consult with each other to optimize patient care.

Advanced Lipedema Treatment Team

Emily Iker, M.D.

Emily Iker, M.D. is a director of Lymphedema Center in Santa Monica for over two decades. Her surgical aspiration was stopped in midst of her residency when she developed right leg lymphedema secondary to lymphoma. She than completed Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency as a chief resident in New York Medical College and moved to Los Angeles. Her lymphedema progressed. There was no one to treat lymphedema at that time.

In 1995 she received Certification of Lymphedema Management by Professor Albert Leduc, the world-renowned lymphologist. Since than she dedicated her practice to diagnosing and managing Lymphedema and now Lipedema not only on scientific level but on personal level. She understands lymphedema, she lives with lymphedema. She is a lymphology clinician, diagnostician, researcher, lecturer, teacher and mentor.

Dr. Iker is an inventor, developed Novopress pump and DM arm and leg sleeves for use at night. She is a professional member of the International Society of Lymphology, European Group of Lymphology, American College of Phlebology, Czech and Slovak lymphological society and NLN.

Dr. Iker was awarded the Honorary Membership of the Lymphological Association of J.E. Purkyne, in 1999 and the Honorary Membership of the society of lymphology in Slovakia. As Vice Chairperson of the California Chapter, she was instrumental in organizing the annual 5K Walk/Run for Lymphedema in Santa Monica in June 26th 2016.

Drs. Amron and Iker work together to establish pre and post-surgical protocols for lipedema patients and consult with each other to optimize patient care.

Advanced Lipedema Treatment Team

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