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Cost of Surgery

Dr. Amron has developed a sophisticated approach to lipedema treatment which utilizes a specialized technique and a variety of advanced technology to achieve functional and cosmetic results. The cost of surgery is determined by the length of the case. Each surgery typically takes between 2-5 hours, averaging 4 hours.


Unfortunately, most insurance carriers will not cover lipedema surgery. Even when they do, there are strict guidelines that must be followed before they will provide coverage. The Roxbury Institute will help in this process with our experience and expertise in submitting prior authorization request. If you meet the requirements, The Roxbury Institute team will work hard to establish that surgery is medically necessary and that surgery is your only option.

They can further assist you with:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Prior Authorization

In the event coverage is not initially offered, their team will continue to present your case if you are a candidate with extenuating circumstance and will initiate an appeals process on your behalf so that the insurance company reviews your case again.

For additional information, please contact our Surgical Coordinator: Evelyn - (424) 394.1610.

Financial Planning

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The Roxbury Institute is committed to providing the most effective care through our Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program. We realize that having the procedure, while an excellent investment in your health and future, can also be a daunting decision without insurance. It remains a significant expenditure, even for relatively well-to-do households. If insurance is not an option, The Roxbury Institute offers the following financing options:

Financial Planning

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