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“Finally, after ample research, I found Dr. David Amron, a lipo-sculpture specialist with more than 20 years experience in his field. When I finally met with him regarding my own struggle, his unprecedented knowledge, confidence, and expertise in treating my condition immediately restored my hope of one day living a normal life again. Using his anesthesia-free pure tumescent liposuction and unique technique, he put an end to my lipedema symptoms once and for all. It was finally over.”

- Jasna

Dr. Amron’s Precise Approach for Treating Lipedema

Dr. David Amron utilizes an innovative liposuction treatment for lipedema patients. His approach is a highly specialized and technical method to achieve optimal body contouring results. Dr. Amron advises women suffering with lipedema that surgical intervention by liposuction to remove the disproportionate fat storage tissue is the only recognized treatment that can truly alter the course of lipedema. He has established the most effective lipedema treatment known today.

Tumescent Liposuction Beverly Hills

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Who is a Candidate for Dr. Amron’s Lipedema Liposuction Procedure?

It is important to begin with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Amron lipedema patients undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation process. This evaluation is important so that he can determine if you are truly a candidate for liposuction and the specific areas that will be treated.

For women living in Southern California, we strongly advise and encourage an in-person consultation with Dr. Amron. However, for those of you who live further away or even outside the country, Dr. Amron offers a video online consultation process.

If you would like more information on our virtual consultation and out-of-area travel package, please call our office. For out-of-area patients, blood work, possible medical clearance and preoperative details can be done from a distance. Patients may arrive the day before the procedure and in most cases return home a few days later. Dr. David Amron is the Medical Director or The Roxbury Institute, located in Beverly Hills, CA.

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The Amron Method

Where is the Lipedema Liposuction Procedure Performed?

Dr. Amron’s surgeries are performed in a fully licensed accredited surgical center. Most of Dr. Amron’s lipedema liposuction surgeries are between 1-3 hours depending on the targeted areas. Dr. Amron stresses that the majority of patient areas can be done usually in one to two surgeries.

Rarely, a third surgery is needed if there are extensive areas involving the entire legs, arms, and torso. Time between surgeries is usually 2 days – 4 weeks depending on the patient. Each case is individualized, and Dr. Amron will thoroughly explain your lipedema liposuction procedure.

What is the Recovery Process & What Results Can I Expect?

For liposuction in general, the recovery time is about a year to see the final results. But this is also true for lipedema patients, in particular.

Once the fat tissue is removed through liposuction surgery, the swelling in these lipedema patients is greatly reduced. Dr. Amron’s patients frequently experience a great resolution of their symptoms, such as the chronic pain and discomfort they previously endured.

Usually the final results appear at 12 months. At the six-month mark, most patients have about 75 to 80 percent of their final improvement. At the three-month mark, they see about 50 to 60 percent of their final improvement.


Lipedema Before and After Legs
Tumescent Liposuction Beverly Hills

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