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11% of females suffer
from Lipedema

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Lipedema is a misunderstood condition that affects 17 million women in the United States, and more than 370 million women worldwide. It is a condition characterized by the abnormal accumulation of fat, primarily in the legs and later the arms with progressive enlargement.

Lipedema is a serious medical condition with many critical complications. The increased bulk and fibrosis cause blockages and hindrances to lymphatic flow. Other complications include deterioration of the joints, varicose veins, overall body pain and "pins and needles" type of discomfort. Additionally, patients report psychological problems ranging from lack of self-confidence to depression.

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Lipedema affects one in every eleven women. The cause of the condition is the subject of research and is still unknown. Some evidence points to a hormonal or genetic origin. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have lipedema – and you may have been misdiagnosed:

  • You bruise easily

  • Your legs and feet swell after standing or walking

  • You have developed disproportionate fat accumulations on the legs, hips, arms, or abdomen

  • Your skin is very sensitive to touch

  • You often feel extremely tired, lack energy, or feel generally unwell

  • You have knee fat pads

  • You have fat accumulations on your legs and ankles that exercise and diet don’t resolve

  • Your upper arms have accumulated a large amount of soft fat

  • Your lower abdomen has developed an “apron” of hanging skin and fat

  • The fatty areas are uneven and lumpy, like cellulite

Many patients with Lipedema have been told by a doctor they are obese and need to lose weight. In fact, one of the hallmarks of Lipedema is that Lipedema fat is resistant to diet and exercise. If your body has a disproportionate quantity of fat on the lower half, you may have Lipedema. The condition almost exclusively affects women, with fat accumulation at the waist, on the upper arms, and on the legs, appearing on both sides of the body. If, based on these symptoms, you suspect you have Lipedema, a consultation with Dr. Amron is your next step.

Lipedema FAQ

Lipedema Testimonial

"Dr. Amron knows what Lipedema is and how to treat it. I was very comfortable with his manner of explaining the process of treatment. He made me feel like I would get the best surgery and my legs will be looking and feeling their best."


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The Amron

Dr. Amron has pioneered a “three-dimensional circumferential contouring” approach to treat lipedema, and views each body part in a complete, comprehensive three-dimensional fashion. He approaches each cosmetic unit one at a time, rather than breaking it up into different procedures and surgeries. This allows Dr. Amron to remove the diseased fat from a particular body part in one single surgery and cosmetically blend the entire body part.

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AdvancedLipedema Treatment Program

A medical center providing true relief from Lipedema

The Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program was established by Dr. Amron to diagnose, treat, and prevent lipedema. With over 20 years of experience successfully treating Lipedema patients, he has developed a highly-specialized, technical approach that achieves excellent results, functionally and cosmetically, with an advanced technique to remove diseased fat. He has pioneered “three dimensional contouring” to achieve a superior aesthetic outcome.

The Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program is an internationally renowned, comprehensive program that addresses all critical areas of lipedema treatment and involves a range of services including diagnosis, medical treatment, nutritional counseling, MLD therapy/decongestive therapy, stem cell therapy, lymphatic sparing liposuction surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and pre- and post-surgical IV therapy.

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Patients have achieved:

  • Pain free mobility

  • General quality of life improvement

  • Optimized cosmetic body contour

  • Self-confidence & positive outlook on life

Lipedema affects every aspect of life: social, professional, and emotional. The condition is progressive, a vicious cycle that is often debilitating. The pain and discomfort of Lipedema, along with feelings of embarrassment about body image has an extremely negative impact on quality of life.

Dr. Amron has dedicated his professional life as a board-certified dermatologic surgeon caring for those suffering from Lipedema in order to enjoy happier, healthier lives.

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