Advancing Knowledge and Therapy for Lipedema

The Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) program at The Roxbury Institute stands at the forefront of lipedema care, offering a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to managing and treating lipedema. Our team is led by David Amron, M.D. and the newly joined Karen Herbst, Ph.D., M.D. — both leading experts and pioneers in the field of lipedema. Drawing on decades of research and experience treating thousands of patients worldwide, our program offers the most advanced care available.

We understand the profound physical and emotional toll that lipedema can take on an individual's life, and we are committed to helping patients obtain an accurate diagnosis, prevent progression, and explore surgical treatment options backed by scientific evidence. While the ALT program strives to advance the understanding and management of Lipedema through groundbreaking research and clinical innovation, we are committed to helping patients achieve optimal outcomes, improve their quality of life, and find the understanding and support they need.

With our team that combines expertise with empathy, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality care, every step of the way. 

Dr David Amron and Karen Herbst Ph.D., M.D. standing together at The Roxbury Institute and Advanced Lipedema Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

 The Roxbury Institute Set to Redefine Lipedema Care with Appointment of Dr. Karen Herbst as Head of Research, Director of Diagnostic and Preventative Medicine

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Your Journey Begins with Understanding

At the heart of our approach is a detailed history and clinical exam. Our specialists dive deep to understand your unique health history and physical symptoms, setting the foundation for a treatment plan that's as unique as you are.

Comprehensive Lab Analysis

Our comprehensive blood tests and biomarkers, including metabolic, hormonal, and immune panels, guide interventions with unmatched precision, making your treatment uniquely yours.

Advanced Imaging Techniques

Utilizing the latest in ultrasound imaging and Sozo technology, we deliver precise diagnoses and thorough assessments of lymphatic health, all overseen by our leading specialists in the field.

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Medical Prevention & Treatment

Proactive Early Detection

We highlight the essential role of early detection in managing lipedema, integrating comprehensive care protocols that include diet and allergy testing to significantly improve treatment outcomes.

Innovative Nutritional and Metabolic Support

Our personalized nutritional testing and metabolic support tackle the unique challenges of inflammation and lymphatic health, ensuring you receive the most effective management strategies tailored to your needs.

Specialized Decongestive Therapies

Leading the way with advanced compression garments and innovative CVAC treatments, we focus on enhancing your lymphatic health and reducing pain without invasive procedures.

Holistic Behavioral Health Management

Acknowledging the critical importance of emotional and mental well-being, we provide personalized referrals to support coaches and specialists, ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic approach to your health journey.

Comprehensive Care for Related Conditions

While lipedema is our primary focus, our expertise also extends to treating conditions such as Dercum’s Disease, MCAS, Ehlers-Danlos, and lipolymphedema, ensuring all patients receive thorough and expert care.

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The ALT Method

For patients needing surgical intervention for lipedema, our Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) method is celebrated as the safest and most effective approach, minimizing surgeries and avoiding general anesthesia and complications

Pre-operative Evaluation and Planning

Our team performs in-depth assessments and crafts personalized surgical plans, optimizing outcomes by considering metabolic factors unique to your needs.

Post-operative Care and Recovery

Our dedication to your success and well-being extends beyond surgery. We provide expert post-operative care, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), compression therapy, and regular follow-up visits, ensuring a smooth recovery and transformative results.

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Surgical Intervention & Treatment

Advanced Lipedema Treatment is The Solution for Lipedema.

Reclaim the Active, Healthy, and Happy Life You Deserve

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ALT is the solution
for Lipedema.

The Breakthrough is Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT)

The architect behind ALT, and the pioneer in lipedema surgery, Dr. David Amron has transformed the lives of thousands of lipedema patients with his revolutionary Advanced Lipedema Treatment. Over the course of his 25+ year career, he has performed over 12,000 successful liposuction surgeries, which led to breakthrough discoveries for preventing, treating, and managing lipedema. Dr. Amron’s mission in developing the Advanced Lipedema Treatment method was to help patients return to the fully active, healthy, and happy lives they are missing, and deserve. ALT is globally recognized as a highly specialized and advanced program to treat lipedema.

The Gold Standard for Lipedema Care

You’ve arrived at The Answer to your lipedema concerns. Finally, there is an effective solution to the physical and emotional pain of lipedema. Leading board-certified dermatologic surgeon, Dr. David Amron, has developed a unique three-dimensional circumferential approach to liposuction that views each body part in a comprehensive, complete fashion. Using a lymphatic sparing technique combining Water-Assisted Liposuction (WAL) in a tumescent fashion, the diseased fat is safely removed from within the “safe plane” of the subcutaneous layer using only local anesthesia and in fewer procedures — no general anesthesia is required! The goal of ALT is not only to remove accumulated fat and decongest fibrosis, but also to create  blending, balance, proportion, and the most aesthetically pleasing body contouring results with the eye of an artist.  Peer-adopted, validated by thousands of happy patients, and proprietary designed, today ALT is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for lipedema treatment.

Our Compassionate Approach and Philosophy

Advanced Lipedema Treatment’s philosophy is guided by the principle that our surgeons are treating not simply a disease, but a person with a disease. Prior to even meeting a new patient, empathy leads the way, with our surgeons and team holding a patient’s hand from the initial consultation through recovery.

At the core of our philosophy is science, a uniquely engineered approach, and technical prowess.

Our philosophy requires a deep understanding of lipedema combined with artistry to achieve maximal disease treatment and cosmetic outcome. Our elegant and skillful surgeons target disproportionate fat, so that the patient becomes balanced and proportionate.  Achieving this requires more than just removing the accumulated fat. Equally as important is the careful attention and skill employed through liposculpture to achieve aesthetically pleasing body contouring and cosmetic results, and to maximally decongest the tissues. For maximum improvement in each patient, Lipedema liposuction and liposculpture should accomplish four main goals: reduction of pain, improvement of symptoms, prevention of disease progression, and the best cosmetic outcome.

Advanced Lipedema Treatment is the product of decades of deeply caring for those suffering from lipedema. Today, Advanced Lipedema Treatment is recognized as the most effective and safest way to treat lipedema in fewer surgeries, without general anesthesia or risk of complications.  By combining years of experience, unmatched skill, an empathetic approach, and liposculpting artistry, Advanced Lipedema Treatment has provided a higher quality of life to thousands of people around the world.

Meet Dr. David Amron, The Lipedema Specialist

Dr. David Amron is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon and the pioneer of lipedema surgery in the United States. For the past 25+ years, he has performed over 12,000 life-changing liposuction surgeries, and over 5000 lipedema surgeries. Dr. Amron has widely published numerous articles in leading medical journals, and authored dermatologic surgery and medical textbook chapters.

To bring more awareness to this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease, Dr. Amron is frequently featured on international and national media outlets, such as “The Doctors,” The Today Show, NBC News, BBC, 60 Minutes Australia, PBS, Fox News, The Hallmark Channel, The Learning Channel (TLC),, and countless others. He has contributed articles for major news and media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, and more. Further, Dr. Amron created and hosts Lippy Logic, the first educational series covering all aspects of Lipedema from education and diagnosis to surgery and beyond.

Are You Among the 11% of Women Who Suffer from Lipedema?

Awareness for lipedema is on the rise. Today, this disfiguring disease has affected 17 million in the United States and 370 million worldwide. If you’re like many women, you may have lipedema and not even know it. While lipedema is a condition that causes disproportionate fat accumulation in the legs, buttocks, and arms — many doctors tell patients they’re simply obese based on BMI index and need to lose weight. These patients then proceed with Bariatric Surgery with little to no improvement of their lipedema. But one of the hallmarks of lipedema is that you can diet and exercise until the cows come home, but nothing works to shed the accumulating fat. To make matters worse, doctors often approach the lymphatic aspect of lipedema without understanding how important the fat storage part of lipedema is. In addition to cosmetic concerns, lipedema can lead to secondary health issues, such as swelling, tenderness, pain, joint problems, abnormal gait, unexplained bruising, and even permanent disability.

The emotional difficulties over your disfigurement can be equally as devastating to your quality of life. That’s why it’s crucial to get an early diagnosis so you can stop the progression of this dangerous disease in its tracks. A simple consultation with one of our experts can answer many of your questions and concerns, and you’ll learn the next steps to defeating your lipedema.

Why ALT is a Cut Above the Rest

Dr. David Amron developed the Advanced Lipedema Treatment method, which is a highly systematic, engineered approach to the most effective treatment for Lipedema. Our approach heals the root cause of Lipedema rather than just fixing the external symptoms. That means the whole you — to achieve optimal health and well-being. Beginning with an in-depth consultation and diagnosis, you’ll receive a customized program with a variety of treatments based on your unique needs and goals, which may include…

Lipedema Diagnosis

Nutritional Counseling

MLD & Decongestive Therapy

Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction Surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Lifestyle Recommendations

Pre- and Post-Surgical IV Therapy

Be Your Best You.

If you’re suffering from the disfiguring disease lipedema, it can adversely affect all areas of your life — socially, professionally, and emotionally. The pain and discomfort of lipedema, along with feelings of embarrassment about body image, can have an extremely negative impact on your quality of life.

Advanced Lipedema Treatment can provide you with many life-changing benefits, including…

Improved mood

Pain-free mobility

Increased self-confidence

Higher energy

More active lifestyle

Greater sense of well-being

Better overall health

Enhanced social life

Improved body image

Advancing Knowledge
and Therapy for