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The Diagnostic & Preventative Center at The Roxbury Institute opens new doors to where comprehensive care meets the guiding hands of experts. Founded and developed by Dr. David Amron and Dr. Karen Herbst, the center redefines the Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) program with pioneering strategies for diagnosing and preventing progression in lipedema and other fat disorders.

Under the leadership of Dr. Karen Herbst, one of the field’s most respected specialists, the center commits to delivering personalized, advanced care for managing and treating adipose connective tissue diseases, supported by a team as dedicated to your wellness journey as you are.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, The Diagnostic & Preventative Center offers appointments with Dr. Karen Herbst both virtually and in person.
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Dr David Amron and Karen Herbst Ph.D., M.D. standing together at The Roxbury Institute and Advanced Lipedema Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

 The Roxbury Institute Set to Redefine Lipedema Care with Appointment of Dr. Karen Herbst as Head of Research, Director of Diagnostic and Preventative Medicine

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History and Clinical Exam

Diagnosing lipedema and related diseases begins with an extensive history and clinical exam, a vital first step that enables our specialists to deeply understand your unique health history and symptoms. This forms the foundation for all subsequent diagnostics and personalized treatment plans, ensuring you feel understood and supported from the start.

Blood Tests and Biomarkers

Utilizing comprehensive blood tests and biomarkers, including detailed metabolic, hormonal, and immune panels, we assess your health parameters and guide precise interventions. Our dedicated team is committed to nurturing your health with precision, ensuring that every step of your care journey is handled with utmost attention and empathy.

Imaging and Lymphatic Assessment

Our team of experts uses advanced ultrasound imaging and Sozo technology, along with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), to precisely diagnose lipedema and evaluate lymphatic health. Trust in our skilled specialists to provide you with thorough and compassionate care throughout your diagnostic process.

Lymphangio-scintigraphy (LAS) Ordering and Interpretation

By integrating lymphoscintigraphy and LAS, we gain critical insights into your lymphatic system's functionality, pinpointing discrepancies that distinguish lipedema from other fat disorders. We're dedicated to revealing the detailed story of your health to better address your needs.

Alternative Approaches

Utilizing supplements and holistic therapies, we provide alternative solutions tailored to enhance both progression management and treatment. Our commitment is to support your health journey holistically, ensuring every aspect of your care is thoughtfully addressed.

Medical Prevention & Treatment

Early Detection

Recognizing the critical role of early detection, we emphasize proactive measures to identify lipedema at its onset, greatly enhancing progression management and treatment outcomes. Our thoughtful approach includes diet, supplements for mast cells, coaching, and allergy testing, ensuring a full spectrum of care from the beginning.

Nutrition & Metabolism

Our experts integrate personalized nutritional testing and provide advanced metabolic support, focusing on the unique needs of lipedema management. We proactively address the interconnected challenges of inflammation, metabolism, and lymphatic health, ensuring optimal lipedema progression management.

Hormones & Immunity

We understand the complexities of hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, estrogen/progesterone management, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). Our compassionate team provides a caring environment to maintain your optimal wellness and help prevent lipedema progression.

Decongestive Therapy

Our specialists are at the forefront of decongestive therapy for lipedema, utilizing advanced compression garments, pumps, and hypobaric/CVAC treatments. With our targeted lymphatic support, you can trust that your lipedema management is under the guidance of leading professionals. The CVAC process, in particular, enhances blood flow and fitness, proving especially beneficial for patients with painful adipose disorders by improving their overall tissue health and reducing pain.

Behavioral Support

We deeply recognize the importance of emotional and mental health in your lipedema journey. Our team is here to support you extensively, ensuring your emotional well-being is nurtured alongside your physical health. Additionally, we provide coaching and refer to and collaborate with specialists as needed, ensuring complete support at all stages of lipedema.

Additional Disorders Treated

While lipedema is our primary focus, our team is equally dedicated to diagnosing and treating related disorders with profound expertise and understanding. Conditions such as MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), Dercum’s disease, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, lymphedema, Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (also known as Madelung’s disease), and lipolymphedema are recognized and addressed with equal expertise and dedication. Our inclusive approach ensures that all associated disorders are treated with the latest research-backed methods and a deep understanding of their interrelations with lipedema.

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Located in Tucson, Arizona, The Diagnostic & Preventative Center offers appointments with Dr. Karen Herbst both virtually and in person.
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