The Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program

The Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program is an internationally renowned and innovative technique for lipedema treatment, created by Dr. David Amron. This proprietary program is designed to help you prevent, treat, and manage lipedema, and is available exclusively at The Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Amron leads a team of lipedema specialists who collaborate and combine their expertise from thousands of surgeries to provide you with a comprehensive lipedema treatment plan that is customized for your unique needs and goals.

This integrated method ensures that you’ll receive the best possible care and greatest results, with our compassionate team holding your hand every step of the way. Beginning with an extensive consultation and diagnosis, your treatment recommendations may include nutritional counseling, lymphatic sparing liposuction surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, pre & post-surgical IV therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Compression Decongestive Therapy (CDT), and more.

Typically starting with preparing the targeted fat tissue with tumescent anesthesia, we make sure your body is both prepared and comfortable through the surgical experience. Once prepared, we begin with a round of liposculpture which breaks up and reduces a significant portion of the targeted fat, followed by the use of VASER - an ultrasonic energy-based approach which emulsifies the fat and further releases granular fibrosis under the skin - before we then proceed with a specialized refining round of liposculpture. The final steps are focused on the look and feel of your skin by employing either Renuvian J-Plasma or Bodytite radio-frequency to firmly contract your skin and collagen resulting in a 360 degree look and feel that is balanced and proportionately sculpted specifically for your body.

The Balance & Proportion

Balanced and proportionate fat removal resulting in aesthetically pleasing body contouring results from the eye of an artist.

The Cosmetic Unit

Dr. Amron introduced the concept of the "Cosmetic Unit" to respect and sculpt each area of the body in 360° circumferentially.

The Safe Plane

Purely tumescent Water-Assisted Liposuction (WAL) to allow the surgeon to completely stay in the safe plane.

The Treatment Plan

Your ALT team of lipedema specialists collaborate and combine their expertise from thousands of surgeries to provide you with a comprehensive lipedema treatment plan that is customized for your unique needs and goals.  This integrated and personally tailored treatment plan ensures that you’ll receive the best possible care and results.





The Anesthetic Approach

Fat removal using only local and/or twilight anesthesia and in fewer procedures for rapid recovery and optimal results - no general anesthesia is required.

The 360° Approach

Highly specialized liposculpting technique using Dr. Amron’s proprietary 360° circumferential method - a technically engineered artistic three dimensional design.

The Five Step Multi-System Approach

Transformative results achieved through our technically advanced and engineered five step multi-system approach.

The Skill

ALT patients are in the hands of trusted experts with our board-certified dermatologic and plastic surgeons bringing over 25 years of experience in Lipedema surgery, complicated revision liposuction surgeries and plastic-reconstructive surgeries.

The Focus

Our expert surgeons are passionately dedicated to state-of-the-art treatment and results. Over 12,000 safe and successful liposuction surgeries performed. Committed to training select surgeons from around the world in the most advanced techniques.

The Recognition

Recognized by top-tier medical journals and media outlets including “The Doctors,” The Today Show, NBC News, PBS, Fox News, The Learning Channel (TLC), and many others.



Our Compassionate

Approach and Philosophy

Advanced Lipedema Treatment’s philosophy is guided by the principle that our surgeons are treating not simply a disease, but a person with a disease. Prior to even meeting a new patient, empathy leads the way, with our surgeons holding a patient’s hand from the initial consultation through recovery.

At the core of our philosophy is science, a uniquely engineered approach, and technical process.

At the surface of our philosophy is beautiful artistry. Our elegant and skillful surgeons target disproportionate fat on the patient's body, so that the patient loses weight, but does so in a perfectly balanced way. Achieving this requires more than just removing the accumulated fat. Equally as important is the careful attention and skill employed through liposculpture to achieve aesthetically pleasing body contouring and cosmetic results, and to maximally decongest the tissues. For maximum improvement in each patient, liposuction and liposculpture should accomplish four main goals: reduction of pain, improvement of symptoms, prevention of disease progression, and the best cosmetic outcome.

Dr. David Amron has dedicated his entire professional life as a board-certified dermatologic surgeon to deeply caring for those suffering from lipedema. Today, Advanced Lipedema Treatment is recognized as the most effective and safest way to treat lipedema in fewer surgeries, without general anesthesia or risk of complications. By combining  years of experience, unmatched skill, empathetic approach, and liposculpting artistry, Advanced Lipedema Treatment has provided a higher quality of life to thousands of people around the world.

 The Roxbury Institute Set to Redefine Lipedema Care with Appointment of Dr. Karen Herbst as Head of Research, Director of Diagnostic and Preventative Medicine

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Approach and Technique

One of the most crucial elements for lipedema patients is that the surgeon approach it in a lymphatic sparing way.  Dr. David Amron uses a lymphatic sparing technique combining Water-Assisted Liposuction (WAL) in a tumescent fashion, which allows for proper hydro-dissection of the fatty tissues, and properly prepares the area prior to liposuction surgery. Dr. Amron has adapted this technique to safely anesthetize the patient using local anesthetic, with or without twilight anesthesia.  Since the treatment remains solely within the subcutaneous layer of fat in each cosmetic unit, the diseased fat can be more safely removed using local anesthesia and in fewer procedures.

The benefits are faster recovery, less pain and bruising, lower risk of complications, and most patients are able to get up and walk around as quickly as 15 to 20 minutes after surgery.

The Artistry of


As a world-renowned lipedema specialist, Dr. Amron stresses that the most important aspect of a successful surgical outcome is less about the specific tools or technology used, and more so about the experience, judgment, skills, and artistry of the surgeon using the tools, which make all the difference. For The Roxbury Institute's exclusive Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) method, Dr. Amron developed a highly specialized treatment that uses advanced liposuction technology with his unique three-dimensional circumferential method that treats each body part as a comprehensive, three-dimensional cosmetic unit.

The ultimate goal of Advanced Lipedema Treatment is not only to remove excess fat, but to reshape the body in an aesthetically pleasing way by creating perfectly balanced and proportioned contours with the exquisite eye of an artist. More than simple liposuction, Dr. Amron refers to this refined approach as “liposculpture.”

The Surgical



ALT offers a comprehensive phone or video consultation process. This allows your ALT surgeon to see patient photographs, review previous medical records, and create a personalized surgical treatment plan without requiring patients to travel to Los Angeles or Salt Lake City. After a treatment plan is created, The Roxbury Institute asks patients to arrive one day prior to their first surgery for an in-person, pre-operative visit to confirm all aspects of the treatment plan. Typically, the first surgery is done the day after the in-person visit. Most patients are able to return home as early as three days after surgery.


The nature and number of procedures depend on the severity of your lipedema. For example, you may only need one surgery if just one area is affected. On average, your ALT surgeon will perform two separate surgeries to remove all the diseased fat. The first surgical procedure is typically comprised of the calves, ankles, and arms. The second surgery typically involves the circumferential thighs, and possibly the buttocks.

The length of time between surgeries is typically four weeks apart, but it depends on the stage of lipedema and the complexity of the surgery. Rarely, a third surgery may be necessary for very advanced patients.

Postoperative Care:

Dr. Amron has devised a specific postoperative care plan for each patient who undergoes surgery at The Roxbury Institute. Beginning the day after the operation, patient recovery is assisted by specialized lymphatic massage to drain and remove excess fluid.  Patients with stage three or four lipedema may have their feet and legs bandaged immediately after surgery.

Next, patients typically wear compression garments 24 hours a day for four weeks after  surgery. In some cases, post-surgery IV therapy may be utilized.  Finally, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapy is recommended twice a week for four to six weeks.

In most cases, Advanced Lipedema Treatment patients will be up and walking within 15-30 minutes after surgery, and can leave the surgical center in the care of a family member or nurse. For patients with complicated medical histories, we often recommend an aftercare facility.

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