Dr. David Amron

Lippy Logic™ Episode 1: An Introduction with Dr. David Amron

An introduction to the new Lippy Logic educational series for lipedema patients, with Dr. David Amron.


Will Lipedema Treatment Treat Cellulite?

Almost 11 percent of women suffer from lipedema, a condition that causes fat to accumulate disproportionately on the legs, abdomen, and arms. Lipedema can be quite painful, as well as embarrassing. Additionally, lipedema fat is highly-resistant to diet and exercise. While the...


What are Cankles and How Do You Treat Them?

The term “cankle” is a colloquial combination of “ankle” and “calf.” The term was coined to illustrate the appearance of lack of ankle definition, formed when the natural taper of the calf to ankle is distended by an excessive accumulation of fat cells, or liquid retention...

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