Lippy Logic™ Episode 1: An Introduction with Dr. David Amron

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Lippy Logic at the Lippy Lounge. This is the inaugural segment of this exciting new educational lipedema series. My name is Dr. David Amron. I am the host of Lippy Logic, and this series is going to be looking at lipedema specifically, be an educational platform and library for lipedema, with various segments covering the gamut of education for lipedema. It's going to be uploaded onto YouTube and Instagram on a weekly basis, and we’ll be rolling out the series far and wide as more episodes release. Today, you can subscribe and follow the Lippy Logic YouTube Playlist for each new episode as they release. 

I want you to get involved. I want you to share your comments. I want you to subscribe. I want you to share with friends. This series has always been my dream and vision in terms of a more complete and educated way of looking at lipedema. In addition to covering several topics, Lippy Logic is going to have various guest appearances by people looking at specific areas of concern and curiosity. Lippy Logic is going to be something that is very important and needs to exist for lipedema in terms of an educational platform.

Let me start by properly introducing myself, which will help illustrate why Lippy Logic means so much to me. As I mentioned, my name is Dr. David Amron. I am the host of this series. I am 61 years of age. I was born in 1961. I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s. I then went to UCLA for undergraduate. I finished undergraduate at University of California, San Diego. I then went to New York in the mid 1980s and attended medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I returned to California for my postgraduate training beginning at Cedar Sinai in internal medicine. I then did a two year research fellowship at UCLA where I ran a laboratory. I completed my postgraduate training at University of California, San Diego. I joined private practice in 1995. And my practice from the inception has always focused on liposuction surgery. It is the only surgery I have always done, and I super specialize in it. It quickly got into a lot of complicated liposuction and complicated areas - that over 25 years ago, nobody was doing - such as calves, ankles and forearms.

I designed and pioneered techniques for these areas back then. I've been doing lipedema surgery for over 25 years. I am the pioneer of lipedema surgery in the United States. I've done between 4,000 and 5,000 surgeries on lipedema patients. I do between six and eight, every single week. I've developed a program at the Roxbury Institute called the Advanced Lipedema Treatment  (ALT) Program, where it is a comprehensive way of treating patients. I have trained numerous surgeons from around the world in my unique way of doing this procedure.

My whole practice is dedicated and devoted to lipedema care, and I want to get more and more involved in awareness for this disease. I want you to get involved for awareness with this disease. So, thank you for tuning into this exciting series and the inaugural event. For more information around lipedema and Advanced Lipedema Treatment please take in our website, which is and follow the Advanced Lipedema Treatment Instagram @AdvancedLipedemaTreatment and our Lipedema YouTube channel

Share your comments, subscribe, and tune into this exciting lipedema-patient-focused program. 

Thank you for joining me, 

Dr. David Amron

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